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Royal Match Game Review

Royal Match is an amazing game with thousands of levels where you can swipe colors, decorate King Robert’s castle, and compete in events. Keep on unlocking new areas and completing daily quests to receive exciting rewards! Power-ups are generously leaning. They clear more of the board than rivals and are faster to trigger, thanks to concurrent matching.

Royal Match is a puzzle game where players try to match three tiles of the same shape or color. The game also features special elements that add complexity to each board. The game is a great mix of traditional and modern gameplay. It incorporates a classical approach to match-3 puzzle games with a castle-decorating theme.

It has a fun soundtrack and a quirky backdrop that will make you want to keep playing. The levels are designed well, and the game offers various events to help you earn more coins and stars and unlock new areas.

Royal Match combines the speed and fluidity of Toon Blast with the level diversity, power-ups, and tap-to-activate from Homescapes to create a new top game. It also prioritizes player experience through small improvements that can delight even in a red ocean.

The royal match is a colorful game suitable for all ages. The graphics are cartoon-style, and the background music is pleasant. The game is played on a board divided into cells, each containing a gem of a certain color. To complete a level, players must combine the stones and collect rows of three or more objects. Aligning diamonds creates booster items like propellers that can knock out obstacles. Boosters can also be dragged into each other to form more powerful effects.

One of the most popular puzzle games ever published is Royal Match, a tile-matching game from Dream Games that became a hit worldwide. The game boasts thousands of levels, each more exciting than the last. Designed with simplicity, this is an easy-to-pick-up title that will have you hooked in no time. The game also stands out from the crowd thanks to its upbeat soundtrack and quirky backdrop.

The best part about the soundtrack above is that it doesn’t get old – there’s always something new to listen to. There are a few tracks that stand out, such as those above Beneath the Mask and The Whims of Fate. But for me, the best song in the game is The Last Surprise, which has a genuinely powerful vocal performance from Lyn Inaizumi.

Boosters are the power-ups you can use in Royal Match to help you beat levels. They aren’t available in every level, though – players can only win them when they complete the game by furnishing and decorating a room in the castle.

While Boosters are a great way to quickly clear rows and columns of tiles, they should be used sparingly. Rockets and TNT barrels are especially useful, as they can destroy multiple rows of tiles in a single hit. Light Balls, on the other hand, are a good way to remove all tiles of a certain color. They can also be combined with other Boosters to enhance their effectiveness.

Royal match has a variety of daily challenges that players can complete. Each daily challenge is issued upon login and expires after 20 hours. In addition to Daily Challenges, Royal Match also offers events that players can participate in. These are great ways to earn rewards and progress in the game.

Another interesting thing about these events is that they reset at a specific time every day. This is a great feature as it lets players track their Daily Challenges. The biggest problem with the daily challenges is their slow generation. This can make it difficult for players to collect gold coins, and it’s especially frustrating when you need boosters to complete a level.


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